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Read What CISOs Are Saying About The New SEC Cybersecurity Rule

Get practical advice to abide by the new rule and be aware of the catch-22s to stay out of trouble

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Read what CISOs are saying about practical tactics to abide by the SEC rules and the legal Catch-22s to stay out of trouble

Get practical advice to abide by the new rule and be aware of the catch-22s to stay out of trouble



Why it Matters

The cloud is a double-edged sword for security teams, with abundant telemetry allowing for unparalleled visibility and control but also making security operations a real challenge in practice. Complicating the issue is that neither existing cloud security products nor traditional security operations tools are capable of handling complex cloud signals and delivering the real-time visibility, complete detection, and immediate response functionality that security teams need today.

CDR, also known as Cloud TDIR, is an emerging category of security tools designed to help security operations teams detect and stop cloud attacks as they unfold. This new set of solutions brings the assume-breach mindset into the cloud, and represents an essential piece of any security program in today's digital landscape.


To help you navigate this complex landscape, we issued our Practical Guide to Cloud Detection and Response. Read to:


Charles Blauner

Former Global Head of
Information Security for Citi


Having a well-documented governance process is very important. What the SEC has said is that you have to tell us how you do governance. You should be very clear about what your risk identification and lifecycle process looks like. 'Who has the right to approve risk acceptances? What is the process by which you and the board set risk tolerances?' 


Mario Duarte

Former VP of security
for Snowflake


Every CISO needs to go look at their continuous monitoring controls. Do you have the right incident response — people, process, and technology — to quickly connect the dots and help the management team understand what happened, remediate the breach, and decide if an incident is material?


Selim Aissi

Former CISO
for Ellie Mae


Boards are getting more security savvy. What kind of metrics should they be demanding? What is the threat landscape? What technical security controls are in place? How are the risks identified across the company? How is the risk measured?

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